How Bruce Dawe & Adam Elliot Express Journey Essay

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Through different texts Bruce Dawe and Adam Elliot have expressed journey. Bruce Dawe is an inspiration to many and through his sublime poems has reflected many different types of journeys, including physical and inner journeys. Adam Elliot is another well known composer for his animated short films. Adam Elliot presents journey within his short film “Harvie Krumpet” through a mix of comedy and tragedy. Both of these successful composers have created different texts that are both centralised behind the major theme of journey, which explores important thematic concerns including identity and belonging, war, isolation and acceptance. Bruce Dawe is an intellectual genius who reflects the importances of journeys within his poems. ‘Enter without so much knocking’ is one of Dawe’s more well known poems. Throughout this poem we are frequently reminded of the main idea that no matter who you are everyone goes through the journey of being brought up into a materialistic world, full of desires, wants and needs. Humans are taught knowing that the brands you wear and the money you have represents who you are as a person and this is indoctrinated under the theme of identity and belonging. Dawe emphasises this main idea through his use of unique techniques including repetition (“hello, hello, hello”), metaphor (“a pure unadulterated fringe of sky”), irony (“no breathing except by order”) and many other literary skills which are identified in this text. ‘Weapon’s Training’ is another one of Bruce Dawes famous poems which relates to the idea of journey. This poem describes the tough journey through war and the realities of war. Soldiers go through the journey of learning how to survive, to have no fear and to listen to authority, which is central throughout the theme of war. The soldiers go through a journey of being turned into weapons themselves (so that there gun is merely an

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