How Birth Order Affects Personality Essay

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How Birth Order Affects Your Personality (Ruled By Birth Order) Abstract Since the 1800’s the effect of birth-order on personality has been intensely researched, studied and tested. The results have ranged from inconsequential to the belief that birth-order plays a huge role in our lives and choices. New studies have found that birth-order does, in fact, play a role in our personalities and intelligence. However, the Norwegian study mentioned does not tell exactly how the first-born, middle, or baby of the family differs from one another, only that they do. It also reveals slight IQ differences between the children of different birth-order. Birth-order does play a part in who we are and who we become but its effects, are small enough that it wouldn’t make sense to organized college admissions or the like by birth-order. The belief that birth order has an effect on personality is a well-known one. Popular books invoke birth order for self-discovery, relationship tips, business advice and parenting guidance in titles such as The Birth Order Book: Why You Are the Way You Are (Revell, 2009). The topic has been discussed by radio, television and newspapers, invoking facts and anecdotes such as the fact that 21 of the first 23 astronauts were firstborns. Although there has been much research and debate on birth order and personality traits, there had been no convincing findings associating the two. But two studies done over the last three years discovered measureable effects, that birth order does, in fact, affect both our IQ and personality. Birth order is intricately linked to family size and because of this, decades of previous research was flawed. The size of the family increases or decreases a child’s chance of being first born, second born, etcetera. Simply put, a child from a two-child family has a 50/50 chance of being firstborn and a child from

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