How Bias Influences Critical Thinking

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How Bias Influences Critical Thinking Cognitive bias skews our apprehension of reality and interferes with our ability to think clearly, process information accurately, and reason objectively (Moore and Parker 2012). I make many decisions throughout a week in which critical thinking plays a huge factor. I am sure that fifty percent of the decisions that were made, bias was a deciding factor. The decision that my husband, I and my kids were discussing was about getting a dog that would be living inside the house. In-group bias was the reason that we were even talking about getting a dog. The friends and family that we spend the majority of our time with have small dogs that they keep inside. My children would always come home after sleep over’s and ask if we could get a dog. My husband was alright with getting a pet but left the decision up to me. I was not too happy about getting an inside pet and all the responsibilities that came along with it. I was thinking about the potty training and accidents that would most likely take place. I was worried that my furniture would get ruined and I did not want pet hair all over my couches. Then I started thinking about the parasites that they can get even though they are up to date on their vaccinations, which Google made easily accessible to me. Unfortunately, negativity bias was the deciding factor in our decision. I was thinking about all the negative information if we decided to get a dog. I never thought about the positive influence that getting a pet would have on my children. After much critical thinking I decided not to get a dog. References Moore, B. N., & Parker, R. (2012). Critical thinking (10th ed.). New York, NY:

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