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How Bacteria Grows Essay

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Microbiology Lab Report
October 17, 2011

Introduction: Bacteria were first observed by Antonie van Leeuwenkoek in 1676, using a microscope with his own technical design. During the 1600’s the technology of microscopes were not as advance as they are in the present so his findings were not accurate of much but he could tell this was a different type of cell that carried a disease or was harmful. Bacteria are large domain of prokaryotic microorganisms and their length is typically a few micrometers in size. They have a variety of shapes from rods to spirals, bacteria is present on most of the Earth’s habitat, everywhere you look, go, see there is bacteria. That’s why it’s so important to wash your hands or use hand sanitizer, it grows in numerous places. Also bacteria cells do not contain a cell nucleus and rarely harbor membrane-bound organelles, unlike eukaryotes which they all contain a nucleus. Bacteria has a wide range variety of metabolic types and that is how they are defined using their taxonomy, the three different types are phototrophs (sun light), litotrophs (inorganic compounds), and organotrophs (organic compounds). In the lab we tested our very own bacteria off of our tongue and smeared it on a blood agar plate, sheep blood to be exact. We collect the bacteria from the inside of the mouth and grow them in specially prepared petri dishes. Blood agar it contains .5% sheep's blood is an excellent medium for supplying bacteria with nutrients and an environment in which we can see them grow.
• Blood Agar dish
• Cotton Swab Stick
• Marker
• Microscope
• Incubator

1. Prepared petri dishes should be refrigerated until used and always stored upside down. This keeps condensation which forms in the lid from dropping onto and disrupting the bacteria growing surface.
2. When ready to use, let dishes come to room temperature before taking samples.
3. Collect bacteria from each location using...

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