How Authors Use Evil In Their Stories Essay

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Evil can be defined as profound immorality, wickedness, and depravity. As well as something that is harmful or undesirable. Despite commonly accepted definitions people have many different pictures in their own minds of what evil really is. Ursula Le Guin and Stephen King give readers some insight on their view of evil in their short stories “ The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas “ (Le Guin) and “Man in the Black Suit” (King). Looking closer at the characterization, symbolism, and point of view in these stories can give readers a better understanding of these authors’ concepts of evil. Characterization is the process of conveying information about characters and by looking specifically at the personalities and peculiarities of characters used to depict evil we can get inside the heads of the authors and understand their view of evil. In the “Man in the Black Suit” Stephen King describes the devil in his story this way. “His face was very long and pale. His black hair was combed tight against his skull and parted with rigorous care on the left side of his narrow head. He was very tall. He was wearing a black three-piece suit, and I knew right away that he was not a human being, because his eyes were the orangey red of flames in a woodstove” (King pg. 6). In this initial description King starts off by describing what seems to be just a normal man, wealthy perhaps, or some kind of businessman. Then you start to see that this “man” isn’t human and doesn’t have eyes but flames burning in his skull. King goes on to unveil the devils other super human traits such as he smells like sulfur, his feet don’t leave tracks, his long fingers have yellow talons at the end instead of fingernails, and his shark like teeth. These descriptions add to the more ugly creature depiction of the devil. The way that King goes from describing the devil as very human like at first glance and

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