How Australia responded to the Cold War Essay

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The first response that Australia had towards the movement of communism throughout Asia was fear. This was spread throughout Australia with the help of Government propaganda such as the Domino Theory. The Domino Theory suggested that when a nation fell to communism, then all its neighbouring countries would follow in the same way. This theory seemed to support the capitalists’ fear of a communist world revolution and thus, the closer that communism came to Australia, the more fearful Australians became. When China fell to the communists in 1949, fear surged through Australia that communism would eventually reach its shores, losing basic rights and freedom. The fear of Yellow Peril from the north marginalised Asians from society and caused much distrust amongst any ‘yellow’ members of community. This distrust eventually led to the White Australia Policy which was enforced by the government in an attempt to keep Asian communists out. However, the introduction of legislations such as the Immigration Restriction Act in 1901 completely isolated Asians in general and caused much social unrest within many communities. In response to the Cold War and increasing threat of communism, the propaganda the Australian government had created isolated Asians of all nationality which was heightened by the introduction of racist legislation. Similarly, fear and goverment propaganda throughout Australia encouraged its participation in both the Korean and Vietnam War. The involvement of Australians in the Korean War was highly based on the belief that they were not only fighting to save the non-communist Koreans, but also for the safety of Australia. This would be ensured by Australia’s powerful ally, the United States. Furthermore, Prime Minister Menzies was convinced that by going into Korea, the bonds between Australia and the United States would be strengthened, reducing the chance

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