How Atticus Influenced His Children

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Booker T. Washington believed “There is no power on Earth that can neutralize the influenced of a high, simple and useful life. In Harper Lee’s novel, To Kill a MockingBird, Atticus plays a big role in the novel as a father and a lawyer in defending Tom’s case. As he tries to defend the case Atticus is persecuted from all directions. Atticus leads by example showing Jem and Scout how to handle things like this. Atticus shows respect to others, courage ,non-violent behavior. As they both mature they then realized why Atticus behavior that certain way. One way that Atticus influences his children is by treating both Negros and whites- even the one that disrespect him- with respect . As Atticus is getting persecuted by others so is Scout, at school, Cecils Jacob kept telling Scout that her dad was a Nergo-lover ,fought him, but she herself didn’t even know what that meant. When Scout asked Atticus what it meant he said it in a way she couldn’t understand and also told her he didn’t want to see her in a fight ever a again. She didn’t understand why but really Atticus was teaching her how to endure the different types of persecution due to his case. Jem is mentally influenced by the verdict and Atticus’s moral/social courage . At the court he is for certain that Atticus will win the case because of all the evidence that Atticus pointed out especially about Tom’s hand .The jury had turned a blind eye to his evidence ,Jem is overwhelmed by the outcome and then realized that Maycomb is different from the way he perceived it. He then tries his very best to hold it all in like Atticus . Even after being scared by it. Atticus is also approached by many men threating to kill him. Even Bob Ewells spat in his face and all he said was “I just wished he didn’t chew tobacco” he said to Jem and Scout. All this so that Jem or Scout wouldn’t be affected by the Maycomb disease
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