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Task: A scientist usually works for the government, a business, or a university. What do you think the responsibility of the scientist is when he or she is asked to work on the projects that may be dangerous for humans, such as biological or chemical warfare or nuclear weapons? Hired Guns Sometimes, what we want to do and what we have to do can be completely different and our obligations eventually make us choose one of them. There are general obligations that everyone shares such as being truthful, reasonable, kind, deferential, and reliable. However, both scientists and engineers have further obligations because of the responsibility of their work and the possible causes of their work. So, they have to think twice before making any experiment that can cause harmful, unwelcome, and undesired results. In some cases, scientists and engineers are threatened to do such works that can cause irrecoverable effects. In that moment scientists’ or engineer’s responsibility make them decide what to do. Consequently, they have to be blameworthy for the effects of their works on the world and humankind. However, sometimes scientists can be unaware about the probable repercussions of their experiment. In this case, they might have been thinking about doing something which can be useful for humankind, but the end can be totally different. On the other hand, the situation, in which scientist knows that his or her project can be dangerous for humans but does not know what to do, is very desperate and anxious. So, scientists have to take into consideration their responsibility and obligations before working on a project which is harmful for humans and environment. Each scientist must have his/her moral responsibility which avoids them doing works that can cause harmful consequences for everyone. J. Robert Oppenheimer, who was involved in the atomic bomb project which was called

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