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How are you? Everyday millions of people ask this question, in passing, in greeting, in conversation. It is asked so frequently that in America, it really doesn’t hold any meaning. People use it as another form of hello. We use it so blatantly that it’s almost meaningless. As Americans we answer with simple one worded responses, “fine” “okay” “great” though I’m not saying everyone does, but if you stand back and inspect those around you, they are common replies. We move on about our days, wishing well to those we care about, and giving nods to those who we don’t know. We ask this question, and we expect those simple replies, so we can move on and continue with our lives’. In a way it is sad, do we not care? It seems as though we don’t. I have yet to come across strangers who care about you, hell I have friends who ask that, but they mean it only as greeting, they really don’t care. When asked this, I hope to speak the truth and be heard. Have you ever tried this? Asked someone how they are and actually gotten the truth? ……no I bet you hardly do, I have actually answered before and people act like my response was one of lunacy. It utterly amazes me when this happens, why have we taken this question and subjected it to our curt American way? So my conclusion is that as a whole the American society and various other cultures, have dwindled the usefulness of this question to prove to the world WE DON’T CARE, Isn’t the truth harsh? Sometimes I cant believe I’m classified an American when the harsh reality of how uncaring and spoiled brats we are. I apologize for my scrutiny of the American society; we are a great nation, one of courage, pride, and national equality. But I ask what has become of us? Who are we? Do we care? I do, I care for my family, my friends, and the strangers that surround me daily, so please

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