How Are Victor And The Creature Alike And Differen

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How are Victor and the Creature alike and different? In the novel “Frankenstein”,written by Mary Shelley, the creature and Victor are alike and different in many ways. In chapters one through ten, they have in common of being cast away, living in isolation and fear. Yet, they are different in other aspects. Unlike the creature who was abandoned by his creator at birth, Victor came from an affectionate and nurturing family that loved him. In addition, he had a well established position in society which he lives in. Victor and the creature are alike as they were both abandoned at young age. First of all, Victor holds a sense of abandonment from his mother due to her early death when he was a young child. As well as the creature was abandoned by Victor himself at birth. Secondly, they both experience isolation. For example, Victor mentally disconnects himself from his loved ones and close friends when he devours himself in his scientific research of creating life and feels isolated when the creature kills those he loves. By the same token, the creature sees himself as an outcast from the people due to his grisly deformed physical appearance and afraid of anyone he sees. In short, this is the reason why the creature killed the people. As a result, both the creature and Victor live in torment and fear. Furthermore, the creature is isolated and afraid of anybody he encounters. Similarly, Victor continuously fear that the creature will someday kill him as well as the ones her loves. In chapters one through ten, the creature was brought to existence and raised in a totally different environment than that of Victor. Although Victor created the creature, He and the creature never really spent time together to bond and build a father and son relationship because they were separated right from the creation and did not come across each other until later. Firstly, during
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