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Idiocracy, meaning rule of the stupid, is a dystopian film from Director Mike Judge (Office Space) that cost about $30 million to make but only made about half a million dollars because the film's distributor wanted nothing to do with promoting the film. There were no advertisements, no trailers, and the film was eventually released on just 130 screens in a limited amount of American cities. The film is written by successful veterans, stars some solid talent, and the CGI effects and art direction were likely not inexpensive. Unlike most films that a distributor ignores, Idiocracy was well-received by critics and I will echo here that it is indeed a very good satire. The distributor was of course Fox and they were likely embarrassed to release a film that does what any good dystopian tale does, and that is strongly denounce the self-destructive culture we currently live in and continue to facilitate. Joe Bauers (Luke Wilson) is the military's most average soldier. He is literally tested to be of average intelligence, health, etc. Rita (Maya Rudolph) is a prostitute who is seemingly always fearful of her pimp Upgraydd. They are both selected as guinea pigs for a classified program that aims to place them in hibernation for one year. They are put into coffin-like chambers and forgotten about after the program dissolves. They are left there for 500 years until they awaken after their chambers are forced open by the great garbage avalanche of 2505. The setting they exist in is a low-intelligence society influenced by dysgenics, cultural and moral devolution, and powerful corporate influence and consumerism. Starbucks and Costco have basically become brothels. Crops are fed with Gatorade because of, you know, the electrolytes. Doctors diagnose people as "tarded". The president is an alpha-male nationalist and former professional wrestler/porn star. A museum shows that
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