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How Are Relations Presented in 'Brothers' and One Other Poem Essay

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  • on April 12, 2015
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Below is an essay on "How Are Relations Presented in 'Brothers' and One Other Poem" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

How are relationships presented in 'Brothers' and in
'Sister Maude'

In 'Brothers',Relationships are explored between the siblings and how it separates them. In 'Sister Maude' a more destructive relationship is presented between the sisters but like 'Brothers' it hints at the fact that growing up and adulthood separates siblings.

In 'Brothers' Andrew Forster starts of with 'Saddled with you for the afternoon' suggests the negative feelings the speaker as about his younger brother,as if the younger brother is an inconvenience and that the older brothers feel restricted with him around. Also the speaker is talking directly to his brother and it seems very personal but at the same time rude. In the second stanza the word 'you froze' shows us that the younger brother has forgotten to bring his bus fare,This highlights his immaturity in the older boys eyes. In the third stanza it is clear to the reader that the older boys are still children despite what they want to be seen as by the public. The phrase they 'chased Olympic Gold' suggests that the older brothers are just as childlike and imaginative as the younger boy,The poet uses irony because the older boys think that they are mature but ironically this makes it clear that they are still children 'I was nine and he was ten'.Continuing in the third stanza the words 'looking back' could mean several things,It could show that he genuinely cares for his brother and is checking if he is okay,It could mean to see how much distance is physically between them or it could mean to see if they will mange to lose him. The last words of the poem 'unable to close the distance I'd set in motion' the use of the word 'unable' is not sticky true because he could have waited for his brother. It is metaphorical of the growing distance between them as they get older. They are experiencing a phase is which the younger boy is a burden on the older two whereas they are closer in age and have more in common,Their relationship is shown...

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