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Investigation and Profile - Get Up, Get Moving | Investigation | What did you find out? | | Teacher feedback | Action taken | Ways to calculate an individual’s BMIs | Body mass index (BMI) is an indirect measure of a person's body fat. Doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals around the world use BMI to determine whether a person is overweight or clinically obese The actual calculation of an individual’s Body Mass Index (or BMI) is your weight (in kilograms) divided by your height (in metres). Weight (kg) BMI= ______________ Height (m2) Formula: | | Go into more detail | Audited my work | Definition of a calorie | 1 calorie = 4.18400 joules Definition: A calorie is a unit of heat used to express the energy value of food You are constantly burning calories, even during sleep, although the rate at which calories are burned falls dramatically while at rest.The rate at which calories are used is constantly changing to meet the energy requirements of our body. This varies from person to person and during the different stages of life. For this reason when we discuss how many calories we need on a daily basis, the numbers are approximate estimations. When we speak of calories in relation to a particular food, we actually mean the amount of energy that that food provides for our body to fuel its' metabolic processes. So weight control actually comes down to a process of energy. If we take in more energy than we use, the rest gets stored as fat. If we burn more energy than we consume, our body relies on our energy stores to make up the deficit. | | | | Number of calories needed each day by different groups of people | Each age group and gender need different amount of calories, depending on the amount of activity they partake in each day. For example, an adult

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