How Are Cathy and Hester Categorised as Romantic Heroes

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How are Hester and Cathy characterised as Romantic Heroes? The definition of a ‘romantic hero’ is a literary archetype referring to a character that rejects established norms and conventions, has been rejected by society, and has the self as the centre of his or her own existence. Both Hester and Cathy are characterised as romantic heroes through their; internal dialogue, physical appearance and actions, their attitudes to others and the values they embody. Both women are illustrated as being elegant, but have feisty personalities. Hester is found to be very beautiful physically, “Young woman was tall…figure of perfect elegance,” however other puritan women would feel that she is trying to show off her beauty which was a sin. Although, secretly they envy Hester as they are never seen in that way. Cathy also from a young age showed physical beauty, “she had the bonniest eye, the sweetest smile and lightest foot in the parish” however this was seen to be more innocent and much more expectant of a woman in this era. Despite their physical attractions, both have fiery personalities. Hester shows this by seeing herself out of the jail, “she repelled him by action marked with natural dignity and force of nature…as if by her own free – will” revealing that she is self – sufficient and an individual. Cathy also shows this in her nature, “she did turn out a haughty, headstrong character” however compared to Hester, Cathy is more stubborn and superficial. Hester and Cathy, both were wild in their thoughts but were also enthusiastic. Both referred to their ‘spirits’, Cathy, “her spirits were always at high water mark” and Hester, “Attitude of spirit” showing how both characters try to see the best in everything. However, without a wild side they would just blend into society. Cathy, when she found a passion would go after it “She never had power to conceal her passion”
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