How Are Caesar’s Strengths and Weaknesses Presented in This Play?

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Throughout the play, Caesar’s assertive power proves to be his greatest strength yet also his deepest flaw. To a great extent, Caesar’s weaknesses are more obviously presented. In the quote: “he hath the falling disease”, Caesar is described as physically weak. This quote refers to his epileptic disease. He is also described as deaf, in the quote: "Come on my right hand, for this ear is deaf." This presentation of Caesar being physically sick, something one cannot control and is either born with or grows into, suggests Shakespeare’s portrayal of Caesar as being naturally weak and suggests that Shakespeare intends for this image to be portrayed as he gives Caesar a very explicit fault that everyone in the audience would be able to understand. This fact that Caesar was born with a weakness, something he couldn’t, in his power, control, also links to another key theme in Julius Caesar, what is fate and what is free will? By giving Caesar the illness, it suggests that he was meant to die as he was never fit to rule Rome in the first place. This would be fate that led him to the senate and not free will. His condition prevents the audience or the reader from truly being able to affirm their trust in him as naturally, we look for someone that won’t change, someone that will remain the same whom we can rely on and look to for comfort and assurance Caesar’s main weakness throughout the play, however, is his naivety. He persistently denies the idea that people may be against his leadership. When Calpurnia asks him not to go to the senate he says “..give me my robe, for I will go” and it is not until he is dying that he shows any sign of admitting defeat. This is shown in the quote: “et tu brute?” In this quote Caesar speaks in latin which is the roots of Rome, it is its founding language. Going back to the traditional and original roots of rome represents the pure

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