How and Why Was the Anzac Legend Created? Essay

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The Gallipoli campaign and the Anzac legend which emerged from it have had a significant impact on the ideas about Australia’s national identity. Although a military defeat, the bravery and sacrifices associated with the eight-month struggle have had a profound effect on how Australians view this period. For many people, both then and now, the participation of Australian soldiers in the Gallipoli campaigned was the real symbol of Australia’s coming of age as nation. The landing at Gallipoli was seen as a story of courage and endurance amongst the death and despair, mainly due to the unsuccessful strategies and weapons. Even though the Gallipoli was deemed as a catastrophe in terms of the loss of life suffered there and the failure to achieve a military victory, the Australian and New Zealand Army Crops became both nations’ legend. The occurrence at Gallipoli made them an important part of Australian culture because during that time, Australia was only the newly-federated nation and so therefore had not yet established itself at an international level. The Australian and New Zealand troops had established their countries’ reputations in the world through the qualities of strength and bravery through adversity. The Anzac legend has a concept which suggests that the Australian and New Zealand soldiers share the same characteristics. The same characteristics that these soldiers share are endurance, courage, ingenuity, strength, determination and mateship. These soldier’s qualities are believed to be shown on the battlefield in World War 1 at Gallipoli. The legend of these men, whom endured so much hardship, has given something significant that all Australians can be extremely proud of. Australians at home responded to the praise with enthusiasm. The enlistment figures for June which equals to 125O5, shows that it nearly doubled the figures for April. It continued

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