How and Why Does Changez Change? Essay

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“How and why does Changez alter?” Zeba Haroon Mohsin Hamid’s The Reluctant Fundamentalist focuses on the changes the Pakistani protagonist experiences as he watches the American nation react to the destruction of New York’s World Trade Centre on September 2001. Initially, Changez embraces America and its capitalist system, even though he can see its flaws. After “9/11”, Changez’s doubts about American arrogance and world domination crystallizes he becomes disillusioned. Ultimately he becomes radicalized and opposes America. Therefore, Changez certainly transforms as the story progresses. At first, Changez seems to be a “lover of America” as he is excited about becoming part of the American capital system. Hoping to restore his family’s declining fortunes, he regards Princeton as a “dream come true.” He is proud of his academic success and the fact that he has never “scored less than a B” and will graduate “Summa cum laude.” He works “three jobs” and studies through the night yet, to the outside world, he behaves “like a prince” trying to make sure no one knows how hard he is actually working. He is thrilled to work at Underwood Samson which is used a symbol of the United States because of its name. This is company epitomises American capitalism as it profits at the expense of other assets. Changez is amazed of the building “supporting [his] feet were te achievements of the most technologically advanced civilization.” He is thrilled about the expense account and how “having an amazing salary at eighty thousand dollars” would open many doors for him. Changez enjoys drinking vintage champagne which is ironic since Muslims are not allowed to drink alcohol. He also enjoys flying first class in planes as he thinks he is some sort of “veritable James Bond – only younger and darker.” Mohsin Hamid uses Erica

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