How America Won The Revolutionary War

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NAME The Revolution: What Helped the Colonies Win? America won the war against overwhelming odds. National support, Benjamin Franklin, and the role of individuals helped the colonies in their journey toward independence. Out of these, I find Benjamin Franklin and his smarts were the most valuable. National support helped America win the war. France joined sides with the colonies on their quest to become independent. They helped the States in many ways. First, they sent over Friedrich Wilhelm Augustus von Steuben to help train the army. It was a huge success. He trained the group of lazy enlistees into a well-trained army. They also contributed supplies, food, weapons, and most of their army. Over all, the colonies never would have become independent without the help of France. The vital help of Benjamin Franklin really contributed to the revolution. Ben was the determined man who decided to go to France to try and muster up an alliance. He obviously succeeded and was the main factor in helping make the essential alliance. Ben was also the main negotiator for the Treaty of Paris; witch was the treaty that ended the revolutionary war. He contributed many great ideas and was an essential part in winning the revolution. The role of individuals really helped win the war. On of these individuals was George Washington. He provided great help for the Colonies during the revolutionary war. For starters, he helped keep the army alive. He fought when needed, and hid when needed. George vaccinated his entire army from small pox insisting that nobody was allowed to enlist unless vaccinated. Another contributing factor was his ability to adjust. He was able to adjust when his attack plan went wrong and was still able to win with minimum loss. George Washington was a very smart man. To conclude, the colonies had a lot of help winning the war against huge, overwhelming
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