How All Quiet on the Western Front Compares to Mash

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M*A*S*H Essay To start, both structures of the hospitals in MASH and All Quiet are completely different. In MASH, they operate in tents that are made out of basic fabric and they are not entirely sturdy. These tents have to be able to move because they are a mobile unit. Patients are squished next to each other and there isn’t always enough room to fit the amount of wounded that is necessary. Inside, it is not very large and is extremely cramped with both people and equipment. In contrast, All Quiet’s hospitals are actual buildings. The structure is quite large and almost resembles a church like shape because it is a Catholic hospital. Unlike the tents, the hospital in All Quiet is much larger and can fit several rows of people at once. With regards to this, even though it can hold more people it doesn’t mean that all the injured get treated like in MASH. One comparison that can be made between both hospitals is the insufficient amount of medical supplies that they have. Since both of these take place during a war, injured men are always coming in and they have to operate relatively fast so that they can get to the next batch of people. However, there isn’t an infinitive amount of supplies to treat these people and they can run out very easily. They both have surgical equipment that can last a while, but not enough of reusable things like medicine. As a result, many people aren’t treated and end up going into a worse condition or even dying. Furthermore, the workers in each situation are different. In MASH it is a much smaller area and they don’t have as much people working there. However, the people who do work there are professional doctors and have been trained to operate as they were recruited to go. Because of this, the doctors who work there actually do care about their patients and it impacts them when one of them doesn’t make it. As an exact opposite,

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