How About We “Reduce” Some More, Yes? Essay

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How About We “Reduce” Some More, Yes? My recent trip to the Cold Canyon Landfill was once again another eye-opening experience that had me thinking of several things. Among the thoughts that flooded my mind was the economic portion of the Triple Bottom Line of Sustainability that we learned about in class. Economists argue that our American economy solely relies on the consumerist behavior we engage in every single day of our lives, specifically our purchases of one-time use items. The landfill and recycling center at Cold Canyon were undisputedly filled with such items and I just couldn’t help but be shocked by the immensity and sight of seeing this garbage in person. As a country, we are in dire need to critically enforce the reduce, reuse, recycle mantra we are all told in elementary school. It is obvious that we need to go back and remind ourselves of this because we are truly digging and creating our own graves. The overwhelming view of the landfill, recycling center and its contents reinforced my perspective and opinion of needing to cut down on our waste and needing to change our consumer habits. One of the points that I argued with my roommates at one point after the trip was that why they feel the need to purchase items that are meant to be thrown out after one use. Such examples of these include snack packs, small applesauce containers, and juice boxes, among many others. They support their arguments with the claim that it is just “easier, and more convenient”. I learned that they would much rather buy these single-use items and add to the already devastating 500 to 600 tons of garbage that enter the landfill every day than to buy a larger item and put them in smaller, reusable and long-lasting containers. It’s this “convenience” and “easy”, no-work attitude that is destroying our planet. The fact that people don’t know where their garbage is going and
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