How a Working Relationship Is Different from a Personal Relationship

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Maxine Nethercott 1. Unit 6 Understand the role of the Social Care Worker The differences between working and personal relationships in the care settings. Is that in a working relationship that is a place where you work, you are part of a team, you get paided for what you do, you have to follow Policys and Producers and follow the legistration , you have boundries to follow e.g. not giving out your personal information about yourself your home address or phone number. You need to respect them and understand their needs, you also need to build up a good working relationship so they can trust you .You are responsible for looking after them , you must like the person you work with . you have to be professional and develope and good working relationship , must follow codes of conduct with your working enviroment . You can not over step the mark because this could lead to disciplinary hearing . You have set hours to work . Any problems that occurs within the working enviroment are dealth with through the right chanels and producers. Personal relationship you choice your friends, partners, you tell them about your personal life, you trust them , they become part of the family , its someone you like, have similar interests and feelings, The person is very similar to you in many ways, this is outside the working envoirment , they are part of your life, , They are welcome in your home envoirment , no rules and no procedures to follow you can say what you want, Nobody breathing down your neck , no time limit, and you do things at your pace. In the Health and Social care settings there are many different working relationships 1. Service user 11. The Samaritans 2. Managers 12. Day Centres 3. Doctors 13. Occupational Health 4. District Nurses
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