How a Law Becomes a Law Essay

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Many legal scholars became concerned over the great difference in state statutes on areas of the law that could be treated the same, thus produced the formation of the National Conference of commissioners on Uniform State Laws in 1892. Uniform Laws are proposed laws, resulted from great amounts of time and great amounts of effort. They are presented to the legislatures of the fifty states hoping that the state legislature will pass the conference’ version of the law. It is important to understand that the conference can only propose uniform laws; the law is not effective until a state legislature enacts that specific law. Though once a state adopts a uniform law it is considered as part of the main authority in that state. The Conference of Commissioners… is composed of over 300 judges, law professors, legal scholars, and practicing attorneys appointed by governor of each state. They meet every year to draft the proposed legislation on numerous areas of the law. There is a seemingly simple process for a proposed uniform law to become an actual uniform law though. Hearings may be held in some states, debates and legislative proceedings in others. Some states adopt the uniform law as is, others reject it completely while some other revise the act adding and taking away provisions. Until they are taken uniform laws have no legal hold and are only secondary authority. Once taken as a law it is published in the state’s annotated codes together with other statutes in that state. After they print the text of the law provided the state code is the conference’s comments on the law. In the end there will be an explanation of the law and any differences there is from the states version of the law and the proposed conference of the law. The ultimate goal of the conference is a statute that will be the same from state to state but usually we end up with a

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