How A Commie Bastard Helped To Shape My Education Essay

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How a Commie Bastard Helped to Shape my Education How many of you paid attention when you were in class? I mean really paid attention. The vast majority of the time, I know I did not. My senior year of high school, I had the worst possible History teacher. Her name was Mrs. Hayworth, and she was the most boring, crotchety woman you could possibly imagine. Add that to the fact that my history class was immediately after lunch, and you have a situation just begging for learning disaster. Unfortunately, I was no competition to the joint forces of Mrs. Hayworth’s monotone voice and the sleepy feeling you get after eating. Within fifteen minutes, I would usually be nodding off—which meant I was definitely not paying attention. And then, one day, everything changed. We had just begun learning about the Russian Revolution. I was at the very edge of nodding off when I heard it. ‘The leader of the Russian Revolution was a Commie Bastard!’ WHAT? Did I just hear that right? Quick, wake up! Pay attention, I have to hear what’s going on! I wasn’t the only one that was suddenly interested. We were all clear eyed and leaning forward in our seats, eagerly awaiting what Mrs. Hayworth would say next. We were also all laughing. With the advent of one humorous statement, she garnered the attention of the whole class, and held it in the palm of her hand. It just goes to show you how useful humor can be in a learning experience. I’ve already established that I didn’t really pay attention in class. Where did that get me? I don’t always remember much, unfortunately. But, those shining moments that I do remember are usually funny. When you think back over your day, what’s the first thing that usually comes to mind? Usually, it’s that shining moment of hilarity that broke through the boredom.

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