How a Bill Becomes Law Essay

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The current steps in place make it difficult to get a new law approved. I believe this is good for the American people and has certain checks and balances in place. If a law is able to sneak through Congress, certain interests may influence the passing of the law and it will not be the will of the people. Introduction of Legislation Currently, a member of the House or a Congress member may introduce legislation. The bill will be assigned a number and labeled with the sponsor’s name. The bill may be sponsored or co-sponsored. The bill will then be referred to the appropriate committee by the Speaker of the House. Committee Action Once the bill is assigned to a committee, it may be assigned to a subcommittee by the chairman. Hearings may be held and subcommittees will report their findings to the committee. The bill will be voted on and ordered to be reported. The committee will hold a session during which revisions and additions are made. The new, revised bill will be assigned a new number and the old bill will be discarded. The chamber will approve, change or reject the changes. Once the bill is reported, the staff prepares a written report explaining why they approve it or disapprove it. The report is sent back to the whole chamber and is placed on the calendar. Floor Action Once the bills are placed on one of four calendars, the Speaker and the Majority leader decide what will go to the floor and when. The matters are debated and the bill is voted on. If passed, it is sent to the other chamber. If either chamber doesn’t pass it then the bill is dead. If the House and Senate both passes the bill then it is sent to the President. The President When the President signs a bill it becomes law. If the President does not sign the bill within 10 days and Congress is in session, it becomes law. If Congress is not in session, it

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