House Of The Spirits Analysis

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Within these two novels both the authors portray to the readers how the lower class struggles to support themselves. In the novel The House of the Spirits, in order to make a living the people of Tres Marias were forced into working in bad conditions with limited workers and a great amount to fix. This shoes that in order for the people of just have a place to live; they all have to abide by the rules that are placed upon them by Estaban Trueba. They do this so that they can gain enough money to just be able to support themselves. This shows all the torment the people of the working class were put through just so they could live. Moreover, Estaban Trueba did not treat the people of Tres Marias right because of the fact that he made his own…show more content…
In The House of the Spirits, Pedro Tecero spread thoughts of communism to the people of Tres Marias through his songs. This enlightened the people and gave them new thoughts and ideas. It was also a way the lower class believed they could be recognized and shows how much they wanted to be considered “people.” Another example of how the working class wanted to be known is that they relied on one person in order to help bring them out of the “lower class.” That man is Pedro Tecero as the people were hiding him in their houses, even thought he is considered a wanted man. This shows how much the working class people stuck together in order to be able to have a say and be acknowledged in their society. As the people of The House of the Spirits, the people of In the Skin of a Lion also wanted to be approved. This is shown when Patrick is convinced to speak to the working class citizens about their rights. By doing this he becomes a glimpse of hope for them and gives them ideas that they can be recognized in society. This is very similar to Pedro Tecero as he also gives hope and convinces the lower class that they can be somebody. Lastly, in order to gain their rights, Caravaggio helps Patrick be successful in entering the Viaduct. This again demonstrates how the people relied on him so that they can gain a say in society. This is comparable to how the people of Tres Marias aided Pedro Tecero by hiding him. Even though
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