House of Dancing Water

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The House of Dancing Water The House of Dancing Water is a dance performance presenting in Macau, China recently. It is a show of combining water and dancing in one place. There’s no one thought about that the combination of water and dancing will be that fascinated! It is a breathtaking performance. It is the largest water dancing show in the world. The House of Dancing Water will lead the audience awe-inspiring height and depth, desire height and Summit trip through the abyss of human emotions, sadness and anger, joy, fear among the cliffs to the brilliant resolution, love to overcome hatred and the forces of evil. Mr. Franco Dragone is the director and choreographer of The House of Dancing Water. The reason he creates the show is to ‘‘toured China exploring the country’s cultural and artistic history as inspiration for The House of Dancing Water, the world’s largest water show, and was drawn to China’s deep story-telling heritage within its art and particularly the ‘seven emotions’ principle derived from the classical Confucian beliefs before deciding on an epic spectacular love story that transcends time and space.’’ In this project, there are over 80 performers who come from over 25 countries. Meanwhile, there are some important roles in this show. Faye Leung (Princess) was the senior principal dancer of the Hong Kong Ballet (HKB) from 1996 to 2008. Ana Arroyo (The Dark Queen) was born and trained as a dancer in Madrid, Spain, merging classic ballet technique with flamenco, and modern dance. In the course of an illustrious dance career, Ana has previously worked for Joaquín Cortés, NBE, Cristobal Reyes, Rafael Amargo, and Rafaela Carrasco. I watched this show last summer holiday when I went back to Hong Kong. It made me so memorable is because the center of the theatre is a swimming pool. It is the world largest commercial pool. With 160 feet in

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