House of Bernarda Alba use of heat

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Federico Garcia Lorca in the text The House of Bernarda Alba uses many different types of symbols and techniques to set the atmosphere and mood. Through the symbolism of heat we see that Lorca makes the reader realize the tension building upon the characters and it also helps set the atmosphere of the play. We see that the heat gradually builds up in characters to a moment where we see a disorder in the family. The reference to heat gradually builds up as the play develops; however, we see that the men are not affected by the heat. At the start of the play, the references to heat are minimal, however, as the play develops, Lorca portrays many references to heat. At the start of the play, Bernarda locks her daughters away from the outside world. “There are eight years of mourning ahead of us. While it lasts not even the wind will get into this house” (Act one). Since Bernarda’s husband dies, she does not want her daughters to be open to the outside world and she wants them to be imprisoned inside the house and mourn. Since the house is locked, we see that no wind comes in the house and therefore the heat builds up in the house creating a suffocating atmosphere. We can see the wind can be referred to as the men and since the daughters are not in contact or exposed to the men, the heat or the sexual desire builds up. Bernarda adds on to her statement and says that she would not allow in fresh air to come in the house. The fresh again symbolizes the men and the freedom that the daughters desire however they are helpless and they cannot do anything except suppress their desires. The heat building up on characters can be observed through the act of sweating. “The sweat was running down my body. Then Evaristo got nearer and nearer as if he wanted to squeeze in through the bars and in a low, low voice he said ‘Come here! Let me feel you!’” (Act two). Poncia says this
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