House Arrest In Criminal Justice System

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House arrest is a program that requires that the convicted offender is made to spend a certain amount of time per week in his or her own home wearing an electronic monitoring device that is wore around the ankle. House arrest is usually offered to less serious offenders, and is used to help in the effort to free up jail space, tax dollars and other law enforcement resources. How it works is the electronic device is linked by telephone lines to a central computer which sends a continuous signal. If the offender goes outside of the permitted perimeter, the device will have a disrupted signal and will show what the date and time is of when the signal disappeared and reappeared. If the signal is not detected during a time that the offender is required to be home the authorities are notified and a warrant may…show more content…
The residential community corrections traditionally was to help the inmates who were soon to be on parole reintegrate back into society, by finding jobs, saving money, getting an apartment and getting clothes for the job. It has expanded by now being a direct-sentencing option that judges can give to certain offenders who need an alternative that is between a stay in prison and traditional probation. The effectiveness of this program isn’t that great, with evaluations results that clients were more than likely to be arrested. One reason for the failure was there was an overwhelming amount of inmates were placed in the treatment which meant that many of the clients there were

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