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ESSAY ABOUT PRISON Essay preview UNIVERSITY DEGREE CRIMINOLOGY (1) Are our prisons effective (2) 

Generally, prison is a place to punish people for the crime they have committed. It is also a place to protect the public from those offenders. To answer the question of prison's effectiveness, the main purpose and functions of prisons will be discussed first.

Therefore, this essay will first discuss the aim of prisons then by examining what actually happens in prison. In order to have a clearer understanding of prison services, it would be better to see it from the prisoner's point of view. Issues will be discussed from the prisoners' personal life and the wider prison service. For example, in personal issues, what food is provided for the prisoners and how often do prisoners have contact with their family and friends. From a wider context problems such as overcrowding will be discussed. Thirdly, prisons do not serve only as a form of punishment but also aim to help criminals not to re-offend. Hence, this essay will also mention about the services in prisons which hope to reduce the number of re-offending. Finally, the question of our prisons effectiveness will be discussed. 

The aim of prisons, as mentioned above, is to punish offenders and protect the public. Obviously, the reasons why they have to be punished is because of the crimes they have committed and their incarceration also serves to protect the public because those offenders are prevented from committing other crimes while they were in prisons. However, according to Ruck (1951:23), "Men come to prison as a punishment not for punishment". There are some forms of punishments that seem to be too heavy for prisoners. For example, the number of times that prisoners are allowed to meet their family and friends are limited. In this case, prisoners' psychological support might be inadequate, as the pain

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