Hound of the Baskervilles Suspense

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! Hound of The Baskervilles Chapter 2: Suspense Chapter two is about Holmes and Mortimer talking about the death of Sir Charles on the moor. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle uses many terms to build up the suspense in this chapter, before and after the story of Hugo Baskerville. ‘Mortimer's voice sank almost to a whisper' this makes the reader wonder why his voice has dropped to a whisper and what he is going to talk about. People normally whisper when they want nobody other than the person that they are talking to to hear. The reader wonders why Mortimer wants nobody to hear and therefore reads on. The story of Hugo Baskerville was an ancient legend about a mysterious, huge hound on the moor that killed Hugo Baskerville. This helps build suspense because Sir Charles Baskerville was killed on the moor. This makes the reader think that this mysterious hound killed could have killed Sir Charles too. The story also makes the reader want to read on to find out more about the moor and the deaths. The word ‘Footprints’ is used in the story. This is a very common word used to build suspense because the reader always wants to know what creature the footprints belong to. Conan Doyle is therefore very successful in making the reader want to read on to find out what really happened on the moor on the night of Sir Charles Baskerville’s death and whether the same big black beast really killed Sir Charles or whether it’s just a decoy for Holmes and Watson set. ‘The footprints of a gigantic hound!’ These are the last words of the chapter. This sentence makes the reader want to read on because the hound could have been the same hound from the death of Hugo Baskerville and therefore the reader wants to find out how and where this creature exists. HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES: SUSPENSE

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