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There are many important products or service components of a hotel stay. In my opinion, the three most important for my generation of consumers consists of the rooms, the hotel amenities and customer service. When a customer comes to stay at a hotel they want to feel like they’re not at home, but that they still have all of the amenities of home. Hotels should be like a home away from home. They should provide everything that a home does and much, much more. The rooms are the most important aspect. When a customer opens the door to their room for the first time they want to be hit with a wow factor from the overall appearance. The beds should have deluxe mattresses and be dressed with nice linens and pillows. The bath room should have full bath sheets, televisions and boutique quality toiletries. The rooms should have full internet connection, access to on-demand movies, videos and extras. In addition the room should have a full mini bar or fridge. There should always be good lighting for reading and 24 hour room service, because who doesn't enjoy ordering in room food service and eating from the comfort of their bed. Hotel amenities are another very important part of a hotel stay. For this generation the gym and spa are as much necessities as amenities. Some hotel guests come to a hotel to relax. They like to be pampered with a relaxing massage or facial, or relax in a steam room or hot tub and allow the cares of the world to slip away. A manicure, pedicure and a new hair-do from the salon make that stay away from home a true transformation. In addition, the gym for our generation is very important. People like to be able to continue their workouts even when they are away from home. So having a hotel with a full gym is very helpful. Other hotel amenities that our generation likes to find in their hotel is a fun bar or lounge to relax and have a

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