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Rwanda is a small country located in central Africa. It is bordered by Uganda, Burundi, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Tanzania. One of the most terrible ethnic conflicts in our days was the Rwanda genocide. In 1990 in the African country of Rwanda two tribes fought each other within the same territory. The massacre lasted 100 days and almost 1 million people died. Hotel Rwanda is a story based on this tragedy and it shows the crude and terrible reality thousands of people had to face in Rwanda. The movie is about a common family man whose only hope is to save his family from the civil war. This man’s name is Paul Rusesabagina who is manager of the Mille Collins Hotel. The conflict is among two tribes (Hutus and the Tutsi) have been living in the same territory for thousands of years the. Paul is a Hutu however he is married to Tatiana a Tutsi woman therefore his children and family are Tutsis too and this puts them in danger of being killed or kidnapped by the Hutu army that is determined to eliminate the Tutsi people. Rwanda’s society is divided and Paul has to protect his family. Paul like hundreds of Hutus and Tutsis have hope that the international community will interfere and stop the conflict before more people are killed. He trusts the UN organization and trusts American and British forces. However he loses hope when he realizes international forces are there to save foreign citizens and diplomats but not Hutus or Tutsis. The rest of the world strangely ignored the massacre even though the Rwanda government asked other countries for help or military support. The international community did not interfere in the conflict and choose to ignore the massacre of Hutu’s and Tutsis. Several western governments especially the Belgian, French and US governments aided in the cover-up. In the immediate aftermath of the Habyarimana's death and the

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