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Hotel Rwanda, a movie based on a true story and directed by Terry George portrays all the hardship that the Rwandans had to face in order for them to gain their independence. Through their exposed suffering the viewer can discover what it takes to stand your ground to what you believe is the right thing. This documentary is obviously didactic as it educates the audience how, inhumanity can cause mass destruction and how strength and determination can help achieve what you want. The Rwandans were separated according to their appearance into two groups the Tutsis and the Hutus by the Spanish who conquered Africa. The idea of separating the people by just appearance and segregating one for the other is an act of unjustness and is inhumane. Inhumanity it presented through the entire documentary as the large countries, the French and the UN acted heartlessly against the Rwandans. When they are in great desperation for aid in their war the other countries refuse to assist them in peace keeping and instead just evacuated their own people leaving the Rwandans to their fight, alone. Thousands of innocent Rwandans were brutally murdered by their own kind as a result of the lack of support due to the inhumane nature of the other countries, as they found no benefit in saving the Rwandans. As a result of this inhumanity the massacre of innocents became inevitable and therefore, it can be understood what the consequences of inhumane behaviour will be. When the soldiers began taking innocent Tutsi, all of Paul's neighbours sought refuge at his house as he was the only trustworthy Hutu. Out of goodness in his heart he shelters these Tutsi's and his family from the Hutu soldiers. Paul's act of kindness and consideration towards the Tutsi people is what allows many of them to survive the waging war. His compassion went so far he allowed all the people seeking refuge to

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