Hotel Rwanda Essay

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Hotel Rwanda (Directed by George Terry) was an enlightening awareness film about the Rwandan genocide that took place in the 1990’s. Even though it is a heartbreaking film to view, it was some what uplifting to see a film regarding a non-fictional historical event that really had an importance and a message to send the world. Hotel Rwanda displays many scenes based on factual occurrences illustrating the mass execution that occurred with scenes of a road with scattered dead bodies, gunfire, and merciless beatings etc. In this essay I will briefly describe how this film displays a realistic view of the Paul Rusesabagina, the historical ongoing conflict between the Hutu and Tutsi as well as the disgraceful rejection of dominant “Western Powers” to do something in Rwanda’s defence. Over the years, cultural disagreements have grown to be one of the main dilemmas in numerous ethnically diverse countries. These issues have in some cases not only destroyed the community and homes but have set a major setback for any hope of a future for particular racial groups and certain countries. The main issue is between the Tutsi and the Hutu. This is explained to the journalist in the bar. His friend tells him that the Belgians decided who would run the country based on their height, skin colour, or the size of their nose. This shows us how ridiculous racial divisions are. In this film it is evident that there is some kind of prehistoric incomplete conflict between the Hutu and Tutsi tribe. In the opening scene, just as the film begins, local Hutu tribal members are parading in the streets of Kigali with machetes while a Hutu radio broadcaster makes a statement as to say that Tutsi people are nothing but measly cockroaches. In addition to that the man driving with Paul through the streets of Kigali at the time was scared to proclaim he was a Tutsi when questioned by a
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