Hotel Rwanda Essay

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Hotel Rwanda Directed by Terry George Themes: Racism/prejudice • The main issue is between the Tutsi and the Hutu. This is explained to the journalist in the bar. His friend tells him that the Belgians decided who would run the country based on their height, skin colour, or the size of their nose. This shows us how ridiculous racial divisions are. The journalist reinforces this when he looks at a Tutsi and a Hutu woman and says “they could be twins.” • Colonel Oliver also expresses his disgust at the treatment of the Africans. He explains to Paul “You’re not even African American, you’re an African.” • At the beginning of the film we see Paul as a competent, experienced businessman. However, it is a white Belgian who is running the hotel. This shows us that Paul is seen as inferior because he is black. • Hutu refer to Tutsi as “cockroaches,” showing that they see people of a different race as something less than human. The effects of war • Anarchy: the film shows how easy it is for an outwardly civilised society to descend into chaos. • The scene where Paul and Gregoire are driving through the mist and some across dozens of dead bodies brings home to us that the war didn’t just affect the soldiers, but women and children were victims too. • When all the tourists leave the hotel and it is turned into a refugee camp, we see how the war has affected Rwanda’s economy – there is no more tourism bringing money into the country, and all those Tutsi refugees now have no jobs. • Essential services were also disrupted by the war. The power goes out, and the hotel has to rely on its generator; later the water is cut off, and they have to use water from the swimming pool; Paul has to go through the dangerous war zone to get food for the people in the hotel. Loyalty • The film highlights the different priorities people have, whether it is to their
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