Hotel Rawanda Reflection

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Hotel Rawanda Reflection – How does this movie relate to International Law This movie felt with the very sensitive topic of Genocide. I thought that this specific case of Genocide was especially brutal due to the manner in which the slaughter occurred. It was truthfully enlightening to see these young men hacking each other with machetes. Murder like that here would land someone life in jail, in Rwanda they were praised and encouraged to continue killing. International Law relates to this movie because un the definition it is suppost to attempt to regulate situations in which activity in one state cause damage to its citizens. This sis represented in the movie with the United Nations attempt to resolve the issue. In cases like this people should feel that is is their duty as human beings to interfere with the injustice that is taking place. The rest of the world should stand against any group of people who with death upon another race. I thought that the United Nations could have had more of a involvement in the Genocide due to the severity shown in the movie Hotel Rwanda. Some of the United United Nations duty’s are to maintain international peace and security, develop friendly relations among nations. Solve international problems and promote respect for human rights. All of these things were violated on the situation in Rawanda which is why I cant figure out how the slaughter took place for so long. I belive that this movie defenantly related to international aw because the mistreatment of human lives to wipe out a race goes against everything countries stand
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