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English Essay Name: Dustin Groskopf 100623916 There are many different types of hotels in Toronto. Some hotels are extremely luxurious and some are just a basic bed and breakfast. In the following, two different hotels will be compared and contrasted to see the differences and similarities between the two. The two hotels being compared are the Royal York Fairmont, and the Sheraton at Bloor. The Royal York has a massive extravagant outer building architecture that is extremely old. It is over 100 years old with all the original bricking from when it was built. There is no hotel in Toronto that compares to the luxurious antique look of the Royal York. The Royal York has been one of Toronto’s most well known hotels for its beauty for a very long time. Everyone in Toronto has been to the Royal York, seen it, and or heard of this lovely hotel because of its massive structure and brilliant architecture. The Sheraton at Bloor st is a very large and tall and modern looking. They have some what new bricking. As well, the Sheraton has not been standing as long as the Royal York. In fact, the hotel went up 53 years ago. Though it is old, it is not quit as old and monumental as the Royal York. The Lobby at the Royal York has a very high end antique look to it. There are countless amounts of different art works and exquisite architectural styling through out the entire lobby. The chairs are all wood, beautifully upholstered with hand carved arm rests. Everything in the whole lobby had an overall antique old look and feel. As if it was original furniture from 100 years ago. The entire floor is all beige granite with vintage artistic designs all through out the granite. What would a high end, fancy hotel be with out a breath taking, massive chandelier right in the centre of the Hotel? This chandelier is as old as the building and is still one of the biggest in

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