Hotel Employee Sanitation Essay

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Throughout history, people have always travelled, whether it is to conquer worlds, discover new places, for business pleasure. This need of man has consequently led to the development of accommodation. Travelling is a significant part of the tourism industry worldwide and its employees play a key role in delivering the service product, its customers. All of the service businesses are trying their best to improve their service quality in order to make customers satisfied with their services, especially the hospitality industry. Inns are the outgrowth of man’s desire to travel for pleasure or for business. When man had to travel, he felt a great need for dining and lodging out of his own home and town (chauhan, 1981). Inns provide room accommodation, food and beverages and recreational facilities. Inns have been established in the different parts of the country especially in cities and some major towns.Inns by contrast were generally purpose-built to accommodate travellers. They needed more bedrooms than the average house and substantial stabling. Some of the earliest great inns were built by monasteries in centres of pilgrimage. Inns may have first sprung up when the Romans built their system of Roman roads, two millennia ago. Some inns in Europe dates back to centuries. These were found on the way side providing needs of travelers who were looking for over night lodging. This was the era there were no hotels and motels. At that time travel was on horses or horse carriages and therefore the inns needed to cater to the horses too by providing stables and fodders. Inns are grander and more long lived establishments. Famous London inns are the George and the Tabard. Over the centuries, the original Roman style taverns dwindled and re-emerged as Monastery run inns to cater to travelers and pilgrims, in the Middle Ages. Monasteries were known for their generous

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