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Case study • Purchasing used equipment that has been refurbished. This is an especially appropriate idea for kitchens, laundries, and engineered systems. Chapter 1 role, cost management of hospitality facilities Over 90% of the island’s visitors came from the Northeastern United States, had an average age of 55 and average family income which placed them in the top 10% of Americans. High status visitors, the perspective of the hotel industry, over 60% of tourists were repeat visitors with many having come to Bermuda once or twice a year for decades. Management responsibilities – to improve the quality of the hotel for guests. ambiance, experience, and comfort but in more subtle proper temperature for bathing, swimming, and relaxing manage energy, environmental, maintenance, and capital projects. Suc guest satisfaction, employee productivity revenues, and profits well-managed facilities services plays a key role in the successful operation of a hospitality business. overall luxury level of finishes and furniture contribute significantly to the differences in the construction costs of various types of facilities. Improvments on furnitures, fixtures, equipment is need Guestroom, Furnishings, and Fixtures Maintenance. The importance of the guest- room, its physical condition, and the proper operation of the equipment serving it cannot be overstated. Regular guestroom preventive maintenance three to four 7- times a year is a signature responsibility of maintenance that helps make the guest experience a positive one. Hotel should be have restoration, not rebuilding, the restoring will add the ageness and uniques of the hotel, Chapter 2 hospitality facilities management tools, techniques, and trends Department of Hotel Technology represented one of the largest groups of students at the College, numbering around 150 in five programs, including hotel reception,

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