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The Hot Zone The Hot Zone by Richard Preston, published in 1994 by Random House Publishing, is a non-fiction novel centered around deadly viruses. This novel deals with the real situation of a highly infectious and deadly virus that has an outbreak in the Washington DC area. This novel first starts out with the story of a man named Charles Monet living on the private lands of the Nzoia Sugar Factory located in western Kenya. He travels with a woman on New Years Day 1980 in celebration, to various caves and local landmarks. Inside the cave, Monet contracts the virus known as Marburg. Marburg, named after the German city it was first discovered, is a extremely deadly disease that kills its host within 11 days, Monet carried Marburg to the hospital where he was treated and gave it to his doctor before he died. The doctor managed to survive and had his cells sent to a lab, where they confirmed the outbreak of Marburg. The novel then jumps to the story of a Nancy Jaax , four years later after the death of Monet. Nancy works in USAMRIID (United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases). In this facility, the Washington DC outbreak of Marburg is discovered. Nancy lived a mildly normal life, raising a family and having a stable marriage with her husband who also is a veterinarian in USAMRIID. A group of monkeys were shipped to Washington DC to be sold as pets and various other uses. These monkey slowly began dying and the owner of the monkeys called in a specialist who tested the monkeys. Coming up with inconclusive data, the specialist called on people from USAMRIID to also test the monkeys. USAMRIID found that the monkeys had Marburg and took the steps to contain and destroy the outbreak. My personal opinion of this book, that it was grotesquely impressive. The Marburg virus itself is almost like a disease from some sci-fi flick I have seen.

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