Hot vs. Cold Magnets Essay

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------------------------------------------------- HOT VS. COLD MAGNETS Determining Whether Cold Magnets Work Better than Heated Ones Abstract Magnets are used in our daily lives. We use them to hang drawing on our fridge but they can also be used to orient ourselves when we are lost. Magnets are used in compasses and you can use them anywhere in the world. When you travel you use compasses whether it is to orient yourself or it's just something you have. But do climates affect the strength of the magnet? To conduct this experiment I will heat and cool magnets while leaving one of them room temperature as the control. Then I will place each magnet over the same amount of paperclips to see which one is stronger. This experiment has resulted in the cold magnets being stronger than the hot ones. In this experiment, the cold magnets collected 38-40 paperclips whereas the hot ones only collected 14-20 paperclips and the room temperature magnets collected 26-35 paperclips. These results have concluded that my hypothesis was correct and that cold magnets do work better than hot or room temperature ones and that climate does have an effect on magnets depending on how significant the cold/hot temperature is. Question What is the effect of temperature on magnets? Hypothesis If I put the magnet in the freezer, it will be stronger than the hot and room temperature magnet because when magnets are chilled they have less kinetic in the magnetic molecules allowing a more consistently concentrated magnetic field until it returns back to room temperature. Variables Control variables- Size of magnet, size of paperclips Independent variable - Temperature of magnet Dependent variable - Strength of magnet(# of paperclips picked up) Background Research Magnets are used in our daily lives and are used every day from magnets on your fridge to compasses. Compasses

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