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Hot to Write an Essay

  • Submitted by: ralmale7
  • on December 2, 2013
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out line

I           TS: being independent won't be a problem if you follow these three strategies. earn you money , educate your self, and up date your self.

II           Body paragraph 1: TS the first step to be independent is to earn your money .

                A. saving money .
                B. working for a time part job .
                C. doing a small business

III       Body paragraph 2: TS the second step to be independent is to educate you self .
                A. reading books .
                B. join courses .
                C. share information .

IV       Body paragraph 3 : TS the final step to be independent is to up date your self .
                A. use latest technology .
                B. meeting specialist .
                C. travel with experts .

  V       conclusion

How to be independent 

 There are many people all over the world some of them are independent  on them selfs to live and deal with the life And other part of people can't help them self to live and be successful . Being indented won't be a problem If you follow these three strategies : earn your own money, educate your self , and up date your self

the first step to be independent is to earn your money . The Basic thing can make most of the people feel independent  is having a large amount of money in there own account   in the bank . Here are some tips that could help you. Each one have an amount of money monthly , saving little of this money could help you to find at the end of the year a good amount of money . Also you can make a small business that push you to feel more in dependable . Either more working for apart time will help you too . You can choose one of these idea's that could fix with you . 

the second step to be independent is to educate you self . No one can be in dependable with an ignorant brain and also won't be knowing with out exert. If you want to feel I dependable in some specific field like...

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