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Hot Coffee Case Is Justice Being Served? Personally, I feel that justice was served in the Hot Coffee Case. In as much as Mrs. Liebeck was also responsible for her own actions, McDonalds is to take blame for its unreasonably hot products (Ruschmann & Marzilli, 2006). Generally, McDonald’s operations manual requires that the organization hold its coffee products at least 180 to 190 degrees something, which the franchise failed to consider in Liebeck’s case. Additionally, the container in which the coffee was sold had no written warnings to caution Mrs. Liebeck on any damages that could be caused by the product. In applying the comparative negligence principles, it is quite evident that McDonald’s remains responsible for damages caused to Mrs. Liebeck by the franchise products. On its part, the franchise should always regulate its products temperature to avoid any future damages. Alternatively, sufficient warning signs should be placed on the cups to avoid similar cases in the future. Big Fat Lawsuit In the Caeser Barber vs. McDonald's case where the victim stated that he was not familiar with the fat content and nutritional aspects of the fast food, which he had been consuming for decades, the judges claimed that Barber’s own choice to consume the fast food was his health issues fault and not the franchise, which provided the fast food. In as much as the case was dismissed, most food restaurants should keep in mind some of the health effects and risks about the food they sell. On the other hand, health issues escalating from fast food remains our personal responsibility. In fact, consumers should know how to regulate such

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