Hot Button Issue Essay

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Sex and violence have always been and will remain hot button issues in the media, as technologies evolve. The speed of the new technological advances and changes can be so tremendous that people cannot wait on proper investigations of media reactions that influence and lead our decisions or actions. Changes have occurred with media sex and violence since I was a young child and the negative influences have increased drastically among both adults and children. This paper will discuss reasons why and how this change affects children and adults and will provide examples to reinforce this issue does not pertain to adults only. Recommendations will also be addressed in this paper as to provide possible resolutions to an increasing hot issue. Media sex and violence today versus childhood are important to discuss. I am forty-years old and when I look back on my younger years the amount of media sex, and violence today is more abundant now than for me as a child. My parents chose the type of television shows and movies I was able to view and the material was required to be appropriate for my age, at that time. If my parents chose to watch a movie or show that was not appropriate for me, I was sent to bed or another room, if was not bed time. As a child, there were bullies in school but it was not such a strong issue, as it is today. I actually had to have a conversation with my five-year old daughter to explain what a bully is and why she not put her focus on that type of behavior. I then downloaded a story to my iPhone that discussed bullying and read the story with her. My mother was a member of the PTA and she would come home from meetings and discuss stories of fights breaking out in school with me and my older brother. She made it clear that altercations of any type would not be tolerated from either one of us because bullying and fights were not acceptable. This
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