Hostile Turnaround Essay

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Maya Van Lysebettens 9/7/13 Block 1 British Literature Mr. Hahm Mark Antony Funeral Oration Critical Analysis Hostile Turnaround Mark Antony’s friendship with Julius Caesar has made him a distrusted man by the conspirators. Antony is not facing a benevolent crowd, rather a malicious crowd so this is not easy, but a very dangerous speech to give. Antony is a man walking on ice around Brutus so he must be careful on how he says and what he says because of the fact that Brutus only gave him permission to speak as long as he didn’t reflect anything bad. At first Antony’s first order of business is create a link between him and the people to give the appearance that he is trustworthy so he starts by addressing the crowd as “friends.” His next step is to indulge them by not praising Caesar, but actually reducing Caesar to the commons’ level. By doing this, he manages to calm the storm of a crowd. From this point he starts with the argumentation. By planting doubt of what Brutus has said, this gives a huge advantage for Antony with the crowd. Antony creates mixed feelings in the crowd by using a pun on “grievous” and “grievously”. The most contradictory figure of speech used is the phrase “For Brutus is an honorable man” which is repeated many times throughout the text. By saying this, Antony at first seems that he is justifying the crime and showing that it was legitimate. This one sentence however is the key to turning around the crowd because the repeated phrase scales up the sarcasm with each time it is repeated. This one repeated phrase creates the doubt in the people’s minds which will change everything. In order to give reason to his point of view Antony needs to give proof of Caesar’s moderate ambition. Antony showed that Caesar was generous and a patriot because he payed ransoms for his people. He showed the compassion that Caesar had for his
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