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Careers In Lodging and Food & Beverage Industries The opportunites for management careers in the lodging, food and beverage industry are many and distinct in their own line of work. Managerial positons in this line of work includes General Manager (GM), Food & Beverage Manager, Hotel Manager, Group Sales Manager and Front Office Manager. Each manager have its own responsibility and operations, and are all held accountable to the profitability of the business. The Front Office Manager is responsible for overseeing all operations in the front office. In order to ensure profitability, control, costs and quality standards, while also ensuring total satisfaction of the guests. This postion is responsbile to make sure guest satisfaction survey results are above standards with strong customer relations. This position portrays a very visible leadership and represents the industrys’ standards. Front Office Managers are required to interact with guest service associates on a daily bassis and also other key personnel. This position requires being consistent in delivering impeccable customer service. The Hotel Manager positon is a little different from that of the Front Office Manager positon, in that a Hotel manager’s duties is to hire, train, develop, empower,coach, counsel, perform performance reviews, handle guest issues and correspondences while also encouraging latitute for innovative ideas in order to enchance customer service, customer rentention and sales. The Food & Beverage Manager main duty is to oversee day-today-operations on a restaurant or other dining facilities. This positon is responsible for administrative functions beginning from ordering food from wholesalers to training employees. The Food & Beverage Manager is also responsible for managering budgets, payroll, food order invoices, negotiating contracts with suppliers, hiring

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