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HOSPITALITY ENTREPRENEURSHIP TOPIC : GIVE ME BACK MY LECTURE NOTE 3 NAME : INTAN SYUFINAZ SHUIB MATRIC : 814270 NOTE : WEEK 4 – 17th Mar 2013 Business plan * Marketing * Human resources * Finance * Operation Eg : give information to bank for applying business loan / grant. You need to submit your business plan. To make it clear about the true picture of your company soon. What is executive summary? * Summary of your business plan * Compress your report not more than 3 pages. Business plan : 1) Marketing 1 Husband 5 Wifes How? What? * what u want 2 sell? * What are u offering? * Your product? Intangible? Perishable? * Eg: selling car – transportation – safety (means, your product is transportation, not a car) Why? When? Who? To whom u want to sell your product? Where? Where to market your product? “A product is not what it is, A product is what it does” Need : (find meaning) Want : something that you can do whitout. Maslow Hirachy – cari teory maslow attach sekali. Eg : hotel A – rm3500 / night Hotel B – rm65 / night Why people choose to stay in hotel A? because it depends on their need. Batik in langkawi as a promotion for langkawi (trademark), but once they print it on silk…it becomes expensive and people cannot afford to buy batik as a souvenir. So they need to print batik on cotton. Affordable and people buy as a souvenir from Langkawi. “try to walk without stick” Break even point – point when your business no profit and no loses. Assignment : * Format of a business plan * 2 version is better * What do you think of the business plan? Sorry buat draf ja dulu…xsempat buat cantik2 lg…assignment account xsiap lg. apa2 klau xfhm bbm

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