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Helping Patients with Cancer Prepare for Hospice Kelly K. Hill, MSN, RN, OCN, Eileen D. Hacker, PhD, APN, AOCN Disclosures Clin J Oncol Nurs. 2010;14(2):180-188. Introduction People with life-limiting cancer will make decisions about their end-of-life (EOL) care at some point during their illness. Hospice is an option of care aimed at providing optimal quality of life at EOL. Nursing plays a major role in helping people transition from curative treatments or treatments that control the disease to EOL care. Choosing hospice is difficult for many patients with cancer. In addition, healthcare providers also face challenges in discussing EOL care. This article explores issues pertaining to EOL care conversations between nurses and patients…show more content…
Patient and family satisfaction with hospice care is high (NHPCO, 2008); however, patients and their families may not realize the full benefit of hospice services if enrollment occurs later in the disease trajectory. Shorter lengths of enrollment are associated with decreases in satisfaction among family members of patients in a hospice setting (Rickerson, Harrold, Kapo, Carroll, & Casarett, 2005). Family caregivers who perceive that they are referred to hospice programs "too late" report more unmet needs, greater concerns, and lower satisfaction (Teno et al., 2007). In patients with life-limiting cancer, lack of knowledge about hospice programs has delayed enrollment (Casarett, Crowley, & Hirschman, 2004). Improved communication regarding the availability and purpose of hospice programs provides a gateway for people with life-limiting cancer to make informed decisions about their EOL

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