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HOSP 310 Final Exam Answers http://www.homework-bank.com/downloads/hosp-310-final-exam-answers/ HOSP 310 Final Exam Answers Question 1. TCO 6. How are other types of businesses in the community now competing with restaurants? Question 2. TCO 6. Discuss the phenomena of celebrity-theme restaurants. Why do some fail and some succeed? Question 3. TCO 6. Why is the purchasing, receiving, storing, and issuing cycle so critical to the financial stability of a foodservice facility? Question 4. TCO 6. Why do some culinarians take offense at being labeled a “foodservice professional”? Use your knowledge of the history of culinary arts to justify your answer. Question 5. TCO 6. Managed services are thought of as being one of the most lucrative segments of foodservice. What factors allow this sector to thrive financially? Question 6. TCO 1. Describe and explain four major segments of the Hospitality Industry in clear language with concrete examples. Question 7. TCO 1. Explain what other kinds of institutions or establishments does the hospitality industry include besides hotels and restaurants? Question 8. TCO 10. Where have the most recent security technology changes taken place in hotels? Question 9. TCO 8. Discuss the rationale behind the national park service. Do you think this concept has outlived its original mission? Question 10. TCO 10. How is the Internet being used in food service competition? Question 11. TCO 8. Recreation for the armed forces is viewed as critical to national security. Rationalize this assertion. Question 12. TCO 2,3. List and carefully explain 3 factors affecting increased travel and tourism, today. Question 13. TCO 7. How is the wellness trend evolving truth-in-menu ethics in the restaurant industry? Also, explain how the same trend is
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