Horton Vs. Californi Leading Case

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Define the following terms and/or any requirements/tests/applications that pertain to them: Plain View: 1. Plain view is any illegal item that is within the sight of an officer. __ Anything that in plain view of an officer can be seized without a warrant and won’t intrude on anybodies fourth amendment rights.__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2. Horton v. California was the leading case on the plain view doctrine. This case states that if an officer finds any evidence in plain view the find has to be completely accidental. In this case the officer knew that the evidence was there and while…show more content…
Inadvertence means that an officer must not have prior knowledge that the evidence was present. The discovery must be purely accidental. ____________________________________________________________ 4. Situations where the plain view doctrine applies are when out on patrol. You see a person with something illegal the plain view protect you when stopping the person. While making a car inventory report. While you are doing inventory on the car you see evidence it can be used against you. Making entry into a home after getting valid consent. You can seize anything illegal in plain view if you are legally allowed to be in that house.____________________________________________________________ 5. Plain view also applies to vehicles. This is what gets most people because they are not paying attention when they get pulled over. They leave stuff lying around in their car while the officer is talking to them. If the officer see’s anything illegal in the car he now has probable cause to search your…show more content…
_abandonment of motor vehicles ___________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ Border Searches: 1. roving patrols searching vehicles away from the border____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2. factory surveys of aliens ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 3. _stopping vehicles at fixed checkpoints ___________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ 4. disassembling the gas tank of a motor vehicle ____________________________________________________________

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